Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vacation Recap Large Lowry Family Gathering

Good gracious I love my family. Sure, there are time when I'm annoyed with how ridiculous everyone is. But its an endearing kind of annoyance. So to say I was excited for the week long "family reunion" (which really happens every year but this year had an official itinerary) would be an understatement. The family gatherings used to be too much for me as a child. They were loud, crowded and I had a thing about eating food I didnt know where the hands who made it had been. I mean I still get annoyed and overwhelmed at times. But the family, MY family, really are wonderful - even if we're all stupidly stubborn.

A few of my favorite parts of the Sunday family dinner?
- Aunt Margaret. Freak. She's so quick witted and so quiet about it. You only catch how completely brilliant she is if you're sitting really close. And paying attention. She's always been my favorite person to hover around during family gatherings. I just love her commentary.
- Reading parties. Did I start the first Artemis Fowl book on Sunday? Yes. Did I end the night finishing the book and having it read out loud to a big group of us cousins? Yes. Its just my favorite. We may be reading, but we're also together.

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