Monday, August 16, 2010


Dear Laundry Fingers -
Just so you know, the entire apartment building
(which consists of 3 apartments) shares the one
washer/dryer set. Sometimes, you have to wait
to do your laundry. Its a fact of life. So maybe you
could ease up on the impatience and not touch
my laundry. Because guess what? Now you have
to wait for me to finish using the dryer.

Dear Jerkface Pedestrians -
Remember when we were  heading towards each 
other on a confined sidewalk?
Remember how I was running towards you, with 
a fence to my right?
Remember how you and your friends didnt even. 
attempt to make room for me to head past you on 
the sidewalk? 
Remember when you got hipchecked by me cause 
I could either slam into the fence or run through 
Ya, you would probably get hip checked less, if 
you learned to be a bit less of a egocentric jerk on 
sidewalks. Cause next time I wont try to temper
me slamming into you.

Dear SPS -
I dont understand why my appointments
still say they are pending. They are real appointments
I swear. And I know you arent broken.
Lucinda booked an appointment after me and it already got
approved. You better not be an issue.
Because I'm not above becoming stressed
to the point of tears. (Even tho I find it
shameful.) And no one wants to see that.

Dear Saturday Candy -
You are already consumed.
And that too is shameful.

Dear Life -
Can you ease up a bit?

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