Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cirque Du Soleil

Awhile ago there came an offer from BU ASDA (american student dental association) to get tickets to see Cirque du Soleil. Having never seen it I was interested. So I bought a ticket. I didnt particularly care if I ended up going by myself. Cause sometimes ya gotta get over needing to do things with other people. If I waited till I had someone to do the things I want to do with I would probably stay at home all the time and never do anything. 
Tonite was the appointed night. Dee, her roommate Meg, their friend Whitney and myself all met beforehand to go for dinner near where the show was gonna be. It was packed and we ended up running into two fourth years (Liz and Heather) and so they joined us for dinner.

(Meg, Whitney, Liz, Heather, Dee and Myself before the show)

I generally like shows (having an appreciation for the arts la-ti-da). But I was a little skeptical about this one. Yes, it had had amazing reviews and the very little I know about Cirque Du Soleil lends me to believe that its always amazing. But when I got ambitious today and looked up what the show (I mean I had bought the ticket knowing absolutely nothing) was about I was unsure how it'd turn out. I mean its about bugs and an egg that comes into the community. I mean I definitely had my favorite parts but it was worth it overall.

So here is a list of my favorite parts:
1. The Grasshopper-Tramp-Red Spider Section
Mm dang. This part was the freaking bombdiggity. First off, I am in complete awe of that little red spider. That girl is amazing. And I loved her the entire show - she was really a main person but she was always around and always catching my attention. And gravity doesnt apply to her. For real there was one part where she was scaling down the climbing wall and I had the surreal sense that for her there's no such thing as gravity. And the grasshoppers were just freaking cool. Lots of flipping and bouncing from the tramp onto the wall.

2. Little Red Ants
How is it possible for some people to have such control over the smallest part of their body. They were flipping each other with their feet, and spinning things over and over. I was in awe over their control.

3. The big twisty monster

I just liked it ok. I kept having to rework in my mind where the person inside of this costume would be as it twisted and turned.

4. Spider dude 
At one point this guy was holding onto a bar that was balanced on the rope and completely leaned over one side in a handstand. I literally could not figure out how he wasnt toppling right over. To have mad skills like this you must have to be born into the circus - cause I cant fathom regular ol' people having these kind of logic/gravity defying skills.

The jist of it?
It was awesome.

My favorite part of the night was our means of getting home. All over Boston I see the pedi-bike cabs. And I have wanted to take one before, but didnt know what kinda rate they charge or what their deal was. So when we ran into a pedi-cab outside we decided it was a much better form of transportation than the T or a cab. 

Plus how awesome is our pedi-drivers stache. And yes, he totally had a mohawk rocking too. He was pretty funny. And a good sport about lugging four girls piled up behind him.
Um yes we were booking it along for the most part. And no we didnt stop for stop lights if at all possible.

Best way to travel ever. And pedi-cabs work based on tips. So however much you wanna tip 'em is how much the ride costs. I might just be taking a few more rides like this. 


Royall said...

My biggest regret about living in Vegas was not forking out the money for a Cirque show. I've also always wanted to ride in one of those pedi-taxi things so I was living vicariously through you as I read this post.

Zabrinah said...

Awesome!!! I've never been to a Cirque show either. I'm so jealous! The experience looks amazing!

And I really love the part where you wrote about how you don't need anybody to go with to be happy!!!