Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Did I Mention...

That Clinic might just kill me. I'm not sure why, but the school seems to have decided that we're good to go, and given us all a loving pat on the head and a push on the bum out the door. We are on our own. I've been wandering between areas of the clinic, asking questions about protocol, trying to find someone who knows what I'm talking about, talking to my other classmates trying to glean any knowledge they may have picked up, requesting my charts, reading my charts and generally just freaking out. But I decided that its sink or swim baby. So I called up one of my patients today (Mr. R seemed like a good place to start since he's never been a patient at the school before - a fresh start, if you will) and had to do a little ridiculous back and forth phoning to get his appointment booked. But booked it is. I'm nervous. And feel like I dont quite know which way is up. All I want is a little hand holding - is that too much to ask?

Dear BU Dental -
Can you work out a system where you actually
tell the new clinic students a step by step of 
what they should be doing? Cause pretty sure
the majority of us have no idea.
One Confused New Clinician

P.S. I know I'll be fine, but I hate feeling like I dont know what I'm doing.  (Also, dont worry, Mr. R is not his real name. I believe in HIPAA and not getting in trouble for violating it)


Alaya said...

If I were in Boston and if I needed something done, I'd let you work on me. Maybe view are trying to tell you something by not telling you anything, young grasshopper. Or they are jerks that enjoy the confused looks... this was a lame comment... I just felt the need to say something.... sorry. Lol.

Amit and Heather said...

I think you just have to give yourself some time to figure it out. I know you can do it. ;-) Hopefully the 4th years felt the same way you guys do when they first started, maybe they'll give you some advice.