Sunday, August 22, 2010

Irony At Its Finest

Hey, i'm writing you a memo. Why? Don't ask why. Why is but the venture following the means that is what, and what this memo is is a reminder. A reminder for you to put away any despotic mental nuances that currently plague your mind from believing me when I speak of your endearing qualities.

- identity of author guessed at but not doubtlessly known

(This reminder was written with the intention of reaffirming the persons affections for me. I was supposed to find it and swoon at the sentiment. But instead I find it months after the fact. My "endearing qualities" no longer generate such affection. Where is that affection now? Lying in a ditch somewhere. I think its hilariously ironic)

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Amber Rose said...

I love this..

I'm really glad I stumbled across your piece of webspace. :) Following, naturally.

Love Always,
Amber Rose