Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vacation Recap Boating at St. Mary's Dam Round I

This is Meribah.

She's one of the younger cousins (A good twenty years my junior). 
And pretty universally a favorite of all the older cousins.
We love taking pictures of her.

And helping her.
And often teasing her.
She's just a very fun little child for the most part.
And very, very likable.

We brought her boating with us and the Aunts had been told that she didnt like water.
This proved to be false. She went in the water with her clothes on she liked it so much.

We even got her on a (really tame) tube ride.
She death gripped it the entire time, but wanted to do it again the next day.

But boating with the cousins can be an event to say the least. One boat and fifty billion naggy little cousins who each think they should be the boss and dont have to worry about taking turns. But for the most part I was pleasantly surprised how well it turned out. There were annoying children, but there were some good ones too.

Elisha and Moroni.
Aunt Paula, Meribah, Peyton, Joe and my Dad.

While we were by the shore Maikal was resting on a tube. And when I looked over he had Peyton dragging him around in the water. He invited me to come join, so I asked if Peyton was alright with that. 
She was so I hopped on. Our Peyton engine is the best engine ever. She was so cute pulling us around. And if it got to deep we'd pull her up.

And her and Meribah were cute playing in the boat. We only managed to convince Peyton once to come on the tube. But she sat between Maikal and I, so it felt like a victory having her trust us to keep her safe, even tho we were going super slow.

My dad checking the new boating mirror out.
Maikal and I.

There was of course, a tube ride where the "Big" kids, showed the little kids how it was done. The untip-able tube was tipped. Twice. But only twice cause we were one well oiled group, with all our leaning; it was perfection.

Tell me thats not a hilarious picture?

Iohane, Me and Maikal.
These two in particular are two of my favorites.
Tho I do wish a cousin posse picture had been taken.
Cause I like group shots like that.

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