Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vacation Recap The Cathy Days

I had like one twenty four hour period to see Cathy during my break.
She was off galvanting in Europe during the first week I was home (poor child), and then had to work the coming Monday. So Friday and Saturday were the only days she'd be anywhere in the vicinity. 
And of course there is no Cathy without Trent. Which is pretty acceptable since I've always been Team Trent.
- They came to visit me in Lethbridge and I got my Europe present
- We went to a BBQ out in Magrath hanging out with the cousin posse
- We decided to go back to my house and bake a cake and two pies
A word about these desserts. Everything that went into making them tasted delicious.
I would know because I sampled the goods the entire time I was making it. But the pies turned out weird when a few days later I finally got around to trying them. The cake was good. But the pies were SUPER weird. My brothers/cousins could not stop complaining about how awful the pies had turned out and how someone more experienced and just plain better (*cough Brandon*) should have made them. Geez. Get off my back. I dont know why the pies set weird. The fillings tasted good before they set. Maybe we did something wrong. Please stop complaining.

It was fun making them with Trent anyways. Very domestic of us.

- Cathy, Trent and I had a sleep over so we could go to Waterton the next morning
- We hung out with some of Cathy's family friends and Cathy fashion showed all her trendy Europe buys
- We got Big Scoop ice cream (which I love that you can split a single scoop and its like getting two scoops but only paying for one)
- I convinced Cathy and Trent to come cliff jumping with the cousin posse
- I intimidated one of my little cousins into jumping off the cliff for the first time
- Then I said good bye to Cathy and Trent and squeezed into an already overfilled car so I could go to Magrath Days fireworks (I love Cathy and Trent but they're very much married people hanging out these days and well, thats fine for an afternoon but I miss single people and those kind of shenanigans).
- Cathy and Trent tried to stop by Sunday but I'd already left for the big Lowry family dinner we were having, tho the cake Trent and I had made was suspiciously missing on my return to my home.

I'm glad I at least got to see Cathy. Even if it was just a short visit.


Ash Att said...

those looks SO YUMMY!!! bad idea to look at this when im sugar free :(

Deidre said...

Ok I have to admit I was almost worried you died when I didn't see any posts but it sounds like you were living it up enjoying your vacation!