Monday, February 1, 2010

To Brittney and Cathy - Suck It.

Melissa and Bonnie here.
You should be afraid girlies. Very afraid.
For those who dont know, Brittney and Cathy are known to be work out hardcores. So when they found out Bonnie was coming south for the month of February, they suggested a friendly competition - long haired blondes vs. short haired brunettes. The name of the game? Log the most work out hours (with a two hour cap per day of course... we arent insane). Really what it comes down to consistency.
They think they have this in the bag. Bonnie has been to the gym a total of six times in the twenty one years of her life (all of which were last week). Melissa has had her moments of hardcoreness... but they involved Cathy and her slave driving.

But we will not be beat. The gauntlet is thrown down.  

Lets log todays battle:
4:15 - 4:19: Get monthly gym pass
4:19 - 4:21: Put our earthly possessions in a gym cubby (its safe, I promise!)
4:21 - 4:51: Bike-o-rama (and yes... Melissa asked after fifteen if she could quit. Did she keep going tho? Double yes!)
4:51 - 4:53: Lets get hydrated... at two separate water fountains... sometimes we hate lines for water.
4:53 - 5:37: Arm weights and leg weights (And yes... Bonnie is a weight lifting machine... there's nothing she cant rock)
5:37 - 5:40: Hydration Yo!
5:40 - 5:55: Convinced Bonnie that running isnt the worst thing ever (aka we totally hopped on the treadmills) ... And now she agrees.
5:55 - 6:05: Stretch that. Cause we needed it. And its healthy.
6:12 - 6:34: Winsor Pilates Abs... Bonnie claims she's aweful... its not true. She worked it like a pro.
Check that! TWO HOURS BABY!

To the victors go the smoothies.


Erika said...


I''m here for moral support if you need it!

Love this idea!

love you.

And I laughed so hard about your Free willy confessions. I'm so happy the big jump is a happy thought... it is for me too.

lauren said...

haha! you guys are awesome!
thats such a good idea!

...maybe i should do some sort of challenge. ha!

p.s. i LOVE your hair!!

Bi-Ped said...


I laugh at the idea that you two could beat us.


Sheila said...

You people disgust me.

I only say this so that I can feel righteous when you come back with a killer bod and I die of jealousy.

Scott said...

This is awesome. Sorry Cathy and Brittney, but family comes first. Go Team Melissa/Bontron!

Linz said...


question ... what's the prize?!?!?