Monday, February 15, 2010

My Face

You are like getting shot in the face. And surviving.
You pulled the trigger and my world changed.
And I remind myself that all things must change. 
But that doesnt mean for the better.
Whereas once I could only see perfection, now I see vividly your imperfections.
And I hate you for them. 
I wonder how you could be so dense.
So cruel.
You threw me a towel to mop the blood.
And called that caring.
Cant you see that my face is changed?
I'm sure you secretly take pleasure in the power you now hold.
My only power is to be the one who cant take it anymore.
The one who screams out in pain and begs for you to stop.
You extend your hand to me, but the moment is cheapened.
Because I know there are many others receiving the same hand.
And that hand is used to hurt and not help.
But for now, I smile as I slowly bleed out.

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Alaya said...

Dark and Twisty...