Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grateful I

One - Cousins. 
And in particular Maikal and Jesse.
They are great cousins.
And I love when we do family dinners.
They just make everything so easy. They are crazy fun.
And their love and acceptance is a breath of fresh air.

Two - Boy Posses
I love that when I go anywhere, I usually go with a posse of boys.
It makes me laugh a little. Cause I've been traipsing about like this since highschool.
The original crew was Matt, Josh, Will, Dallin and Danny Waugh.
Sure they're always mostly related to me, but I love it.
Tonite's crew: Ben, Maikal, Jesse, Iohane, Nathaniel, Brandon, Marshall.

Three - Family Chats
I love chatting. And I love even more chatting with the family.
We talk about everything. We arent afraid to call each other out on ridiculousness.
(Turns out everyone is horrified that I on occasion take rides from strangers)
It is so comfortable. It is wonderful.
The Lowry side comes with loud voices, used to make our points.
And sometimes you cant even hear what is being said because everyone yelling all at once trying to make their point. But that is family.

Four - Baking.
Especially when other people are doing it.
Brandon and Marsh made puffed wheat squares and milkshakes.

Five - Live Music
I love talented people. I love when people sit at the piano and play and sing.
I wish daily that I had more talent like that (but know that really it would just take time to practice). But listening to other people. I could sit by someone's side for hours and just listen to them sing and play. I loved that Jesse and Brandon sat and played on the piano for a long time. I loved that Brandon knows Wakey Wakey - Brooklyn as well as a few other gems. Good music is not overrated. Musical talents are not overrated.

The End. For now anyways.


Linz said...

Jealous!!! I wish I was there!!!

Judy Takahashi said...

I can't help but think that your sentiments about your extended Lowry family are a tribute to your Grandpa Lowry as you all gather in remembrance of him-a good, faithful servant of the Lord who raised up an awesome family. There is nothing in this world that is more important than loving the Lord and treasuring our family-His children.

I love you Melissa. You and your family are in my prayers.

Auntie Judy