Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Great White North Part I

Hello from the Great White North called Cold Lake.
My parents and I left Lethbridge this afternoon to drive up. I brought one book, no computer (I'm on my mothers) and no phones. I figured that the book would keep me entertained till we came home on Thursday. I was wrong. The book has now been completely read. Finished mostly on the seven hour drive. It was a foggy drive. The fog in Alberta is a new thing. And is strange. So I'll be looking for a book store tomorrow. Shame I didnt bring the two books I have to read at home. Tomorrow my parents take possession of their new home. I already miss SoAB. And Bonnie. But its good practice? At least thats what I tell myself.
Love Missy

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Erika said...

Cold lake....

For some reason that just doesn't sound too enticing.

Miss you