Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Confession Time

Dear Trent, Cody and Peter.
Remember when you started texting Bonnie and I about beating us to the new mall between Calgary and Airdrie? Remember how we didnt find you in the mall for quite some time? Remember how we said we were parking and could be easily found?

Turns our Bonnie and I are liars (and FYI totally not racist).
When the boys were texting us they were getting off the plane at the airport, we were an hour away. And we sent them a continuous stream of either "vague location" texts or "blustery overly confident losers buy winners smoothies" texts. Funny tho.

For real tho... held accountable? Joking lie? BAHHAHAH.


Bi-Ped said...

BAAAAHAHAHAHA! All things white *ARE* good!!!!

amy said...

oh bonster. how I'm going to miss her. kind of like i already miss you.

Trent Bevans said...

Haha So I guess that if you are coming clean then I will too. We didn't get till the mall till very shortly before we found you. We weren't there either but we knew the location so we gave specific locations that we were (but not really) at. Haha
Call it a tie?