Monday, February 8, 2010

Hey There Baby Girl

Welcome To The World.
Introducing Reese Veia Lowry
Born February 6, 2010
7 lbs 12 ounches, 21 inches

I went over to Dave and Nat's and spent some time. Took about sixty pics. It was necessary. So far I'm the only person from our family to see this new addition... considering David Alan, my parents and Ben were at the super bowl, Josh and Matt are on missions and Lindsay is away at school in Vancouver. Sadly I was in Calgary on Saturday... dang baby had to come early so I couldnt immediately see her. But I've come to a couple conclusions about babies. First and foremost... they are weird. And second and more specifically to this babe, she looks WAY different than Ryder and Katie.

Speaking of those children. They are adorable. And love their new sister.
Ryder held Reese for a little bit. 
 And Katie was very protective of the new child.
She didnt want her cousin Livvy to touch Reese at all.
And then she did this... 
Yup... she was putting the blanket on Reese and tucking her in.
It was freaking adorable. 

Love these children.

But I've learned a couple things about new baby Reese that I thought I'd share.

1. Girl has a blonde swack of hair. 
Yup... Ryder was kinda a light colored baby (FYI Katie was not)... but this new little girl is even lighter than Ryder was. Genetics is insane is what it comes down to... 

2. Just call her one eye.
First off, she was a sleepy little child (I'm told that eventually she'll wake up and the horror will ensue). But she would kinda open her eyes... and by eyes clearly I only mean one of them. Little pirate. It was pretty funny. Mostly cause my family secretly has this love affair with pirates. One Eye aka Iohane anyone?

3. Girl has great legs.
And by great clearly I mean anorexic thin. Nat always has really skinny babies. And sure this one is different from Ryder and Katie and a little more filled out (she is the biggest baby they've had)... but I couldnt get over how flipping skinny her legs were. Seriously babies are weird.

4. Baby Girl has the LONGEST fingers I've ever seen.
They are freakishly long.
She's gonna be so good at piano.
Apparently I'm not the only person that noticed.
Nat's sister Lacey apparently brings it up constantly. 

5. The more I looked, the more I liked.
I'll be the first to admit sometimes it takes awhile for people
to grow on me. And at first this child just looked so different
I wasnt sure I'd love her as much as Ryder and Katie. Those
two are just so flipping cute. But after having spent several
hours holding her, I can safely say that she is lovely. The
longer I held her, the more beautiful she became to me. She
doesnt look as much like our family as Ryder and Katie, but
she's still ours. And I love her and am so happy to have her.

I think its her nose and chin that look the most different from Ryder and Katie. Here pictures of all three just after being born.


Bi-Ped said...

When I saw the picture of her legs I was like "Whoa! Those are some long fingers!"! So it was totally hilarious when that was the next point!

Anonymous said...

sweet Post Melissa, Thanks.

Linz said...

thanks Skissa!!

Amelia said...

She is beautiful!!! Thanks for all the pics I can't wait to go see her!!