Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Superbowl Present

Ben is thoughtful like this.
As is my poppa.
See that sandal? Ya... about three years ago my favorite sandals of all time finally bit the big one.
Which was fair since I'd had them since grade nine.
Six years for one pair. But the devastating part was that I couldnt find another pair that I loved as much. Apparently, since that point, my dad has been looking for a replacement for me.
My dad is awesome.
I love superbowl parafanalia.
And I love sandals that can be worn with socks in the winter.
My dad knows me too well.


Royall said...

Those sandals are classic Melissa. In fact if the top spots weren't already filled by sweatpants and basketball shorts they would be your signature.

Linz said...

Did I get stuff too?!?!?! I hope so! I have to agree w/ Royall ... those sandals are classic you!