Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good Time Girls

I love my friends. Bonnie, Cathy and I are so great (in a completely not conceded way). This weekend has been filled with many fun filled events.

1. Bonnie and I stopped at the classic Claresholm 7-11. 
That place is a bloody dream. A dream of fried chicken 
kabobs, potato wedges and corn dogs! YUM!

2. I love my friends. Seriously, there is something completely safe 
and comforting about going and just being yourself, and laughing. I 
have laughed so much this weekend. We say funny things, we do 
funny things. And I love every minute. We headed to the new C-town 
mall, and wandered. We ended the mall moment in Le Chateau. Cathy 
found THE dress. The one that is perfectly suited to who she is as a 
person. This dress is her. As such, it was magic. Bonnie and I also 
showed a couple little numbers. By the end, we almost had Bonnie 
convinced to buy the leather dress she tried on. All sorts of hilarity. 
And dont get me started on leather jackets... boy oh boy. My friends 
are funny.                                     .                    .                                . 

3. The Wilderman family. Erin Wilderman was in Cath's dental hygiene class and when we go to Calgary we stay at her parents house. This family is hilarious. And wonderful. They made us breakfast both mornings (pancakes and french toast + bacon). They helped deck Bon and Cath out for the wedding we were going to. And are the most wonderfully hospitable family I've ever met. Saturday we spent the entire day just laughing and talking. And there wasnt a moment of boredom with them around.

4. The fact that the wedding program was BRUTAL. And had a one woman show. 
Just so its known, talking awkwardly about the couples' terrible break ups... not kosher. 
Bon Tron, C-Fresh and I have made a pact that no awkward break up talk will be part
of our wedding programs. I mean for heaven's sake, this woman sang "Its raining men..."
and "Celebrate good times" ... It was a train wreck. But we couldnt look away.

5. Meet Peter
If only Peter hadnt been too cool two years ago.
He's a Saskatchewan friend with Cody and Trent.
And hilarious. He was a welcome addition to our
usual five. Funny guy. Real shame we werent 
friends sooner.

6. Both Friday and Saturday we ended up at Cody's house.
And even tho we just sat around talking and laughing, it was
such a good time. Call us for a good time. For real. We are great.

7. Funny moments where first I was teaching Bonnie how to snuggle. 
Which did not work out so hot. But I will give her an award for most improved. 
But she left me for Cody (understandable) and Cathy and Trent invited me to
join them. As they spooned on the tiny love seat. So I had Peter push the couch up
to box me in. It was super funny. Especially when Cody's roommate Jordan came
home and got a three handed wave from the love seat. Cause without the three
handed wave, pretty sure he wouldnt of been able to see Cathy. She's just a little
girl who got absorbed into Trent and my bodies. Hilarious moment? Yes. Are
my friends and I a little too comfortable with each other? Most likely.

8. So after church today we watched 
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.
Can I just say that I am in love with 
Christian Slater. Seriously... he is
a nineties dreamboat. The entire movie
I was in love. Might have been a bit 
much. But after the movie finishes, 
Bryan Adams "Everything I Do"...
Cathy and I start slow dancing. Yup... 
stop judging. We were slow dancing 
and it was going quite well if I do say
so myself. I mean, after we figured out
who was gonna be the boy that is (me
FYI). So I tell Cath I cant remember
how to dip someone and am gonna try.
Cathy is all for this. So I spin her in, start
to dip her and my feet and hers come out 
from under us. Cathy slams her head into
the tv stand, speaker and table. And then
has me fall on top of her. I felt so bad. She's laughing tho. And Bonnie tells
me that, that was really awkward to watch. Bonnie called my dancing
awkward... thats saying something. So we're laughing on the floor and I'm
apologizing to Cath. She's feeling her head and pulls her hand away... and it 
is bloody. Now I'm really apologizing. I dropped her and she smashed her
head and cut it. I felt so bad. Needless to say, I dont think we'll be dancing
again. Sorry Cath. My bad. Turns out I wasnt meant to be the boy.
Seriously. So sorry Cath. I love you?

This weekend was excellent. Right now dinner is in the oven. I have great friends. Seriously GREAT!

P.S> This is love


amy said...

sometimes I feel like I should add myself to this crew.

p.s. you rock the short hair. love it.

Linz said...

I'm glad that you had fun this weekend!!!

ps - I really liked that plaid dress on you!!

Erika said...

Can I say I'm Jealous of your life?

That wedding program sounds like something I would love to go to just to tell stories about it after.

.... Oh and I'm kind of relieved you weren't meant to be the boy.

LOVE you.

Cathy said...

All sorts of love about this weekend. This is what I'm talkin about! That last pic about sums it up. Lets go on another adventure this summer.