Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bonnie CAN Keep a Secret

Looky what I found when I left my little cave of seclusion.

Consensus is I have great friends.
Today, I've been feeling the down that happens after someone leaves.
Its natural. You have to re-join the life you were living prior to their visit.
But people just kept doing things for me today.
David Alan posted pictures so I can stay up-to-date with his fam.
Lindsay finally blogged (sure it was only to get me off her back but I'll take it).
Amy made me a button.
And Bonnie sent me a package.
Of which I had no prior knowledge (and people say you cant keep a secret!).
Its nice to be reminded I'm not forgotten even tho I'm far away.
I freaking love my friends and fam.
The End.


Bi-Ped said...

BLAST! Bonnie, your friendship outshines anything I could offer. Now I have to think of some awesomely cool way to show Melissa that I also love her MORE than you do. I'll get you Bonnie Leishman, and your little Cathy too. (P.S. Cathy, that is not to insinuate that you are a dog... cuz you're not. You're hot. like Melissa and Bonnie.)

Cathy said...

Bi-Ped... thank you? But I too feel quite outshone and have been humbled as a best friend. I suck. But Bonnie, impressive. (Melissa how is this guy making short jokes already and I don't even know his name!)

Melissa said...

BAhahha.. I will say it again. Cathy meet Bi-Ped aka Brittney Pederson... hahhaa.

Bonnie said...

bahaha - cathy thought britney was a man..... i did keep a secret, and i was so pleased with myself for the span of a week for pulling it off. i didn't breathe a word of it to anyone. which proves all those times that i say i can....i really can if i want to.

Melissa said...

Bon... I Always believed in you.