Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Should I Cry Now Or Later?

Dear Self
You write boards in t-minus 25 days. Yup 2-5. Twenty five. And you have entered full on freak out mode. There's alot to do. There's a lot to know. There's a lot of pressure. Could you please just hold it together a little while longer? You still have classes to go to. You still have other tests to worry about. You still have assignments to get done. If you could somehow overnight develop some sort of genius status that would be greatly appreciated. No? Not gonna do that huh. Jerk. Fine, then please please just avoid a full on melt down. Thats all I'm asking. You can still continue to freak out. But becoming a puddle of uselessness... well thats not gonna work for me. And I dont think its too much to ask. This is your future. And screwing it all up kinda isnt an option. So if you could avoid embarrassing displays of stress, massive amounts of procrastination - ok all procrastination (you really dont have time for that anyways) and angry outbursts where you curse the heavens, that would be great. And crying too. No crying. Thanks jerkface.


Kaleb said...

I totally can relate to your state of being right now Melissa.
This is so over used and its hollow, but you can do it

Bonnie said...

i know you can do it! but if you wanna cry - let's do it over ichat - so you don't do it alone.

Amit and Heather said...

I know you can do it! But if you need to, come over to our place for dinner and study time!!

Royall said...

I have a good feeling your going to make it! As my grade twelve class so "neatly" summed up in our grad theme "Keep on Trucking!" (Yes that is actually the theme my class voted to keep and yes our grad presents/centerpieces were red toy monster trucks). Anyways I'm willing to let you borrow the motto for the next couple weeks.