Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Here With Me: Day Two+Three

One word: Slavedrivers

On Saturday these two locked me in the hotel room. And cracked the whip. My mom would poke me awake if I would fall asleep. They both went out to get lunch and had me stay... dont worry they brought me some back. When we went out for dinner it was dark. And I hadnt left the room all day. They were good spirited about it all. And I really did appreciate the encouragement to work. I even knocked a glass of water all over my dads phone (on accident of course). And he just shook the water off and set it on the heating vent to dry off.

On Sunday:
We hurried our way down to Weymouth to watch the Primary Presentation John invited us to. Heather and Amit came too. And let me tell you. Kids are hilarious! There were a few of my personal favorites. There was an adorable little redheaded kid who would wipe his hand in front of his face and change his expression with each swipe of his hand. There was the kid who got up and was talking fine until mid-word he cut off and resorted to a high pitched squeal. The little kid who kept his hands balled up and in front of his eyes the whole time he was talking. And then there was the girl who looked like she was six and talked like she was eighteen. She was mature and impressive. Aiden did a great job too. He quietly told about his family. Abby was adorable through the whole thing - though not old enough to be in the Primary. She played with Heather for awhile and then came and gave me a big hug.

After church, my dad wanted to drive to Cape Cod. Yup... thats right folks... I live close enough to just drive to Cape Cod. Have I? No... I wasnt feeling great so we only made it as far as Plymouth MA. The site of the pilgrims landing.

And if I were the describe this photo op it would be one of eyes wide shut.

I started it off... and my mom ran with it.
The Mayflower II.


Deidre said...

Not to be a downer but am I the only one who thought the rock was anti-climactic?! SO nice to have your parents!!

Melissa said...

Hahhaha... no I agree. The rock is totally stupid. Especially since they just decided it was the first rock they stepped on like two hundred years after the fact. And it's cemented together... Ridiculous.