Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Here With Me: Day Four

For the last while my hair has been, to put it mildly - a big fat mess. On Monday, it finally was a little on the normal side. On the acceptable side.

So Cathy - here it is.

So on Monday, we planned to go back to our roots (aka we wanted Seafood again).
(Arent our fish faces awesome!)

One of my favorite things about my parents coming is the fact that my roommates usually come out to eat. I donno, its one of the traditions from Edmonton that I've missed here. Because having your roommate come is a nice sign of friendship. And I want my parents to meet the people I live with, spend time with them.

Because well, sure you can live with someone without being their friend, but its so much more enjoyable when you have someone to bond with. And people I bond with, I want to meet the people who are important to me. Its just one of those things.

So Sheila came with. And we laughed at the ridiculousness that is my parents. A few of the highlights...

1. My dad eating raw oysters...

He said they werent
nearly as bad
as he remembered
 them being.

2. Sheila recommended Swordfish to my mom.
When my moms dish came she pointed at this.

And exclaimed: "Look its my swordfish!"
To which I laughed and corrected. Because that was sweet potatoes.
This is sword fish. Silly Momma.

3. We were talking about people getting pregnant at my dads office.
And we were saying how ridiculous it was that there was
like fifteen that were pregnant, to which my mom reply's:
"Guess it was a long hard winter."

Sheila and I died right then and there.

So Sheila and I get in the car. And I want us to take pictures makings faces... She was like "I cant do that." But I made her try anyways.

I forgot how I used to be like that too when Cathy would make me make faces.
I guess I've gotten better.

We were in a food coma tho (phrase of the visit). And as such a little pouty.


Bi-Ped said...

One day, I will meet your parents.
On that day, I will fall at their feet and worship them.
Idolatrous? Maybe.
Deserving? Absolutely.

Cathy said...

First - thank you.
Second - with all those pregos your dad looking for say... another dental hygienist?
Third - Whoever Bi-Ped is, he knows what he's talking about. And pappa Lowry would love it.

Melissa said...

Hahahha... Bi-Ped.. aka Britney Pederson... And I dont think you wanna work in Cold Lake

Royall said...

I miss those dinners with your parents. I'm glad to hear the tradition carries on.

Cathy said...

So I decided to go back and find the post telling me Bi-Ped is not only a female but brittney. Whoops.
And Cold Lake... not so much.