Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat.

Dear Halloween.
I miss dances and single friends.
But I refuse to let that get me down.
I love you too much.
I will have fun.
It will be awesome.
And I will go home much later than I planned to and be so excited to wash my face.
Love Missy

First Stop:
Scone and apple cider Party.
Derrick and Mel have some mad scone making skills.
Please put this on your resume.
You wont regret.
And neither will anyone who finds out about it.

Derrick. That is quite the pregnancy
belly you have. Quite impressive.

Amit and Heather were the cutest little cowboy/girl couple.
And yes. That was real rope Amit has.
Dont be. It left splinters.

And how are you liking my more Hardcore mime face. Pretty awesome?
I know right.

Next stop: Trick or treating around Beacon Hill.

Pretty sure the black knight has the advantage here.
Rope vs. Sword? I'm gonna go with Sword. It seems like the smart bet.

Is Derricks Cape flapping majestically in the wind?
Why yes. Yes it is.
How very noble of him.

Seriously we had a great time going from house to house. Beacon Hill is a really cool area. The houses are amazing. And the people are loaded.

Heather. You are beautiful.
The End.

The World Fell Down.
It was devastating.
And I'm a horrible person who also thought it was kind of funny.
Cause he was rolling and couldnt get up.
I'm terrible.
But the world eventually got picked up.
And candy made it better.
(As it always does.)

So after trick or treating on Beacon Hill, John and family and I travelled over to Lindsey Jackson's house. John wanted to show off his kids. Can you blame him?

Funniest thing ever? Watching these children try to sit on the couch in their costumes.

Lindsey's house was completely decked out (Alice and Wonderland themed to match her costume).
And full of delish treats.
I love Halloween.

Queen of Hearts (Lindsey)
and the
Hunter that killed Bambi's mother (Mark)

So John and fam left.
And the other dental peeps hadnt arrived yet.
And anyone who knows me knows I can get rather shy.
So I was just sitting, listening to people talk.
And one guy looks over at me and goes:
"As a mime, have you taken a vow of Silence for the night?"
Whoops. Busted.
Sometimes I'm quiet. Good thing my costume was the perfect excuse.
But had I taken a vow of silence?
No. I was a rebel mime who talked. Just not at that moment.

Dear Amit.
I'm really sorry every picture I took you have your eyes closed.
On the plus side, your smile is perfection.

Derrick and Amit are very very social.
And love to dance.
I may or may not have found someone who's costume matched mine.
He may or may not have been British.
I may or may not have spent the entire night doing one of three things:
1. Coyly glancing over at him.
2. Making polite conversation.
3. Sitting in an almost comfortable silence next to him.
I may or may not be a sucker for a British accent.

Charles (from school) and his girlfriend Nicole.

Was Halloween a triumph?
Look right to find your answer.


Bonnie said...

such a great post - love the costume.

Deidre said...

Looks like a very fun night!

Cathy said...

I way support the more hardcore face paint. Well done miss.