Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trunk Or Treat!

There are perks to having only married friends.
Especially when they have children.
Especially on Halloween.
John is the most H-core Halloween enthusiast.
A man after my own heart.
He spent the month of October making his families costumes.
And they turned out AMAZING.

From L-R: The Earth (drawn to scale!), Jupiter (yes John got asked many times if he was a Science teacher), the moon (complete with craters) and the Sun.

Lucinda and Dan brought their nephew Bray.
He was a little shy though and as such would only show his wizards wand at first.
That is until he got a little candy in him.
Amit and Heather.
I freaking adore them.
The End.
Derrick is really just a kid at heart.
And him and Mel are hilarious.
Clearly he was all over the candy.

John would orbit about and sometimes show off his dance moves.

Now Melinda.
I dont know why I always get surprised that you are hilarious.
But finding this little gem on my camera.
I burst out laughing when I first saw it.
And still.. I cant help but chuckle that you are so funny.
As for me.
John invited me to the trunk or treat right before the end of school.
So I went home and quickly put together a less Hardcore version of myself.

What do you think?
Was the suspense worth it?

If you ask me I'm a pretty cute mime.
At least this night I was.
Sheila came home from her party and suggested we go out to eat.
How can I refuse an offer like that?
One catch.
I had to wear my mime costume.
Done deal.
I have no problem dressing like a fool in public.

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Royall said...

I was guessing a pirate or Audrey Hepburn after your preview picture. Tricky. I had a grade six in my class dress up as a mime last year. He was the chattiest kid ever but he was determined to make it through the school day without talking once. He actually did manage to keep his goal up to lunch. I was pretty impressed.