Thursday, November 19, 2009

Try Bravery Instead

One of my favorite time wasters is online browsing.
I will stalk many a website, looking at their clothes and imagining myself in them.
But rarely do I order. Mostly cause I hate when things dont fit and the whole not trying it on is risky business.
But I got brave and ordered some clothes online.
Why? Cause my sunday wardrobe is severely lacking.
And I am completely pleased with the items.
I love when that happens.

Sites I love: (where this skirt is from) (check out PeekoApparel, homelab, necessityisthemother)


Ash Att said...

CUTE! I love that skirt! I have always wanted to try shopping online but im the same way. What site did you use? do you recommend it?

Melissa said...

Basically I use the measurements they give and measure myself fifty billion times before I gave it a go.

Ivy said...

I online shop a lot.... usually I only buy the tops.. bottoms are a must-try-on-before-buying deal for me. My favorite thing right now are the Super Soft t's by Gap. They come in Tall which is what I need... otherwise I have to order up a size so the arms are long enough... then the armpits droop and it just turns into a sad closet decoration.

Bi-Ped said...

I love that you added your favorite online shopping places. I LOVE anthropologie. They have SUCH cute stuff for your home too!

julied said...

okay, clearly you have the online shopping down cuz it look so cute!!! jealous

amy said...

you need to shop with me sometime. when we're both back in Edmonton after Christmas?! Please say yes.

Alexandria said...

Online shopping is amazing. I spend far too much of my time browsing websites!

not sure what your style is...but LuLu' has cute/cheaper stuff. And Modcloth is AMAZING.

I love Anthropologie but most of the time I am far too poor to feed my habit!!

Melissa said...

Amy I would love to go shopping with you. And I think Anthro is super cute but way too expensive for my blood. I just browse and dream.

Cathy said...

So I have a secret, I'm slowly becoming trendy... and need to fuel this new love. Perhaps I will be up=to-date just in time to be out-of-date, which is perfect. I love scarves now that I wore Bonnie's twice and I love boots and need some now. Is this what all my Christmas and Birthday money will go towards... yes, yes it is. And I hear ya, my Sunday wardrobe is lacking as well.