Saturday, May 1, 2010


I've decided to make some goals for the month of May...
- running... oh how I wish that instead of thinking about running for an hour or two every night and debating it, that I'd just go for a run... I'm getting fat (and FYI this isnt a pity statement... but one of honesty - if you need physical proof you can suck it)... It actually breaks my heart a little bit because when I was in Alberta I felt so great about my physical shape and how I looked. And now... its a sorry state of affairs. One that has me hating having to get dressed. I want to feel good about what I look like. And I dont. Not even a little bit. So my goal is to run every weekday at least for a half hour.
- pilates... now I've been doing pilates but I dont want it to slide with the added addition of running... so my goal for that is to continue...
- studying... I've got some major testing coming up... as such my priorities need to be focused on preparing for that. My dad gave me a nice little speech about how I just need to buckle down and work hard for the next two and a half months - and sure some things like blogging may not happen as frequently - but that my priorities need to be on school. Well I heard ya dad. Less blogging - more studying. 
- classes... and speaking of school... I really want to try to attend all my classes and pay attention. 
- sleeping... I've really been trying to be a more regular sleeper... but even still... stress mounts and sleeping gets tough... but I'm gonna try to be ready to sleep by midnight.
- scripture study... my ward set the goal to read the New Testament... which clearly I'm not finishing in the month of May... but I want to at least participate... so daily NT time.
- healthy eating.. I've recently been trying to give up candy. which anyone whose met me knows this is hard... cause candy is my cigarettes. to ween myself off of straight candy I went to baked good... to ween myself off baked goods I went to fruit... 

So the month of may should look like this...
Attending class
Scripture studying
Sleeping Regularly
Healthy Eating

The idea is balance. Which is apparently the only idea I ever have. 

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Amit and Heather said...

Nice goals!! I have confidence that you can do them all. Keep us posted on how you do and let me know if you ever want to come out here for healthy, candy-free dinner and a walk on the beach!