Sunday, May 9, 2010

Class Paint

Anybody who knows me well, knows that I get nervous to try new things.
Doesnt matter if I know in the end I'll like it. The thought of those awkward
few moments of not knowing what to do and looking stupid generally have
me avoiding new situations. I need a friend to be there and tell me to be brave.
Ironic that for such a little risk-taker - I'm also a total wuss.
So when our class decided to go paintballing, I immediately deleted the email.
Paintballing is intimidating. With their guns and masks - and for heavens sake, I had no idea what to wear. It just was easier to decide I'd rather spend a quiet day at home, than to face a rush of insecurity.
It's probably for the best that I have such an active crew who love to try new things. Cause left on my own I most definitely would not have gone. But when Dee mentioned she was interested in going and then decided she was definitely going - I put my anxiety aside and agreed to go. And since I made plans with Dee, Amit and Seth, I couldnt back out when I started to panic.
And I'm glad I didnt. We didnt stay till the end (cause we were going to Connecticut for wings for Amit's birthday) but I had a lot of fun. I dont know why I let my little anxieties erase my memories of how much I like doing fun activities. I even got Amit to mercy surrender to me! It was a great morning.
(Me, Amit, Adam Garaas, Seth, Dee)

Seriously. How Bad A are we?

Answer: Not nearly as intimidating as the twelve year old with his automatic
paint ball gun, who warmed up with his finger roll triggering and aiming at us.

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Royall said...

Paint-balling has been on my list of things to do for a long time. Matt used to be a paint-balling expert he was even sponsored! A weird random fact I found out a few years into our marriage.