Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Dear Remo -
Today I didnt completely hate you... For the first time.
Even tho it was super contrived when the final slides of 
twenty things we absolutely need to know were that our 
insane teacher is retiring and will miss us greatly. And 
even tho it was super trite when our class felt obligated to 
stand at the end of the lecture and clap (clap for joy she's
leaving). Even tho crazy lady was extra crazy today (insert
mention of having sex for the first time and crazy shrieky 
explanations) and I was confined in a small group with her...
today was a good day. I laughed more than I gritted my teeth.
I felt like myself. And there was a parade for how awesome
I was at partial denture designs. John was there. He saw it.

Dear Saddlebags -
Thanks for being so bump-bumping.
I'm trying to be a runner. So if you could
take a hike that would be great.
Cause p.s. I hate you.

Dear Running -                 .    .  .
Sorry for being so stop and go today.   .
And for that short stop that lead me into
the arms of Anthro. I'll try to be less    . 
ridiculous tomorrow.                              .

Dear Self -
You're doing good. Keep it up.


Cathy said...

Dear Melissa
May 27 is almost here. For that I am thrilled. I am counting down. See you soon!

Shelby Lou said...

Thank You.

This music is amazing. Especially Wakey!Wakey!