Sunday, May 2, 2010


Sometimes the married mormons are hilarious to me. This is a story of such hilarity. It was once under a  ban... but the ban is broken baby! 

One Friday night I get a text at 11pm from Derrick saying "Hey wanna go TP Brad's house?"
I, of course, am all for mischief. So I text back and Derrick and John show up minutes later to get me. We laugh and chat about various teenage shenanigans and eventually I ask where this little idea came from... Apparently Mel mentioned she felt like toilet papering someone to Derrick - who of course ran with the idea and invited John along for the ride. John, knowing my love of fun, knew I'd want in on this and invited me along. And I of course brought my camera.  

First stop for us... we needed supplies... 
Picking the perfect TPing toilet paper can be a challenge in itself.
Good thing Derrick and John are no amateurs at this.

As we drove to Brad and Deidre's we unravelled toilet paper... to make for a more efficient toilet papering of course. I was the lucky child who got to sit with all the toilet paper.

FYI... 12 pack of TP is alot.

Derrick's favorite part of unravelling?
When he finished a roll and got to whip it behind himself at me.

All was quiet outside the Cammack abode when we arrived.

So we went to work.

I wish I had gotten a finished product pic... cause it was pretty good. But the boys heard someone coming and we all booked it away. I was sworn to secrecy - with the promise that I would not blog about the events of this night - until we told Brad and Deidre it was us.

But a week ago Derrick could no longer hold it in...
And I was greeted on facebook with this...
 Derrick told Brad and Deidre at the temple. 
I would like to wish Brad and Deidre luck on their search for retribution. 
Cause none of us have TP accessible houses.


Bonnie said...

hahaha - i'm glad i could finally see pics of this story. happy day.

Tamsen said...

Yes I thought it was quite funny when I got home a little after 9 that night and the first thing John said to me was "can I go TP Brad's house?"

Linz said...

so funny and quite the resourceful use of leisure time! two thumbs up!

Deidre said...

Ok. You have to know we thought it was our neighbors...and the whole time in the temple sealing I wasn't focused, I was too impressed with the secret PJ job. It was kind sad but really funny. I just kept thinking, "Wow, they must either really like us or really hates us...good work dental friends...:

Even funnier that you kept it on the DL as we told you about the freaks who tpd our house that very next evening.