Sunday, May 30, 2010

American Idol

My father asked for three things from me this weekend - dinner for the three nights that he's here. That I can do. To maximize my ability to spend time with people, I invited who I pleased. Well, my brother Dave calls us on Saturday to let us know he's bringing home an American Idol Contestant. Turns out Dave works with a contestant from Season 8. He's friends with Dave's brother-in-law and decided to come sell in Canada. 
Well we're at dinner and immediately begin trying to embarrass our American Idol - Austin Sisneros.
Click Here for his audition. 
Poor Austin. Has to deal with my brother Dave and Stephanie's Jake embarrassing him every two seconds. Through out dinner we tried to convince Austin that he should sing for us. He adamantly refused... until right before we were going to leave. Turns out peer pressure works.
The couple of strangers sitting next to us got more than they bargained for for sure!
He made it to the Top 20 I think.
Cathy, Trent and I brought Austin to a house party. At first no one believed us when Bonnie told them he was an American Idol contestant. But youtube doesnt lie. And neither does his singing (which he got peer pressured into doing again - the girls swooned and the guys stood awkwardly off to the side).
He was quite the party favor. And worked the crowd like a pro! It was hilarious to watch.
He's a super nice kid though. It was fun having him around. 
And how many people can say they've hung out with a contestant of American Idol?

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