Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ball Burnishers

Yesterday was the first softball game for my team. We almost had to forfeit cause Derrick, Amit and I showed up barely on time. We were a mess. No matching shirts for us, no idea what positions we were playing (or what certain positions were... Rover?), and no idea how the batting order would go. But turns out even with all that we pulled ourselves together. It was fun. Tho had me in a bit of an anxiety mode. I get nervous if there's pressure to perform. But my first time up to bat I made it to second and ended up scoring our teams first run. 

A few things I've discovered about softball and me:
- Catching fills me with terrible fear - I cringe every time a ball comes my way. Its funny cause its not that I cant catch a ball, I just worry about catching it with my face - hence the cringing (and yes, I probably do close my eyes when I catch the ball). Hopefully I get over that. 
- I opted for the position that seemed least likely to be in the action (Left Outfield). Unfortunately, the "Law Breakers" sent a big hit my way that totally went over my head and sent them running all the way to third.
- I can at least bat. Thats something right? Who needs catching, throwing, running without cringing. 

The dental crew is awesome. There was an inning where people didnt have the right gloves and we passed around like four different gloves while the other team waited to bat. I loved that we were slightly disorganized. Made things less pressure. 

So softball. We'll see how that goes. Its a nice change to hang out with the dental crew under a non-studying conditions. I feel like Derrick said it best yesterday when he said "I like you all but I'm tired of seeing you cause it means I have to study." Amen to that.

After the game I decided to run home from main campus (which is just less than 3 miles) ... with my backpack on. Cause I wanted to get a run in but didnt want to go home and then go running. It made more sense to just go for a regular ol' run home. Something I didnt expect tho? Even after cinching my straps as tight as they would go that backpack sways back and forth. It was definitely not a super comfortable run. I dont know how people who consistently run with a backpack do it. Maybe it would work out better if I was in better shape. Tough to say.

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Alaya said...

Yay for softball!! So much fun. Also, I appreciate the fact you called this post 'Ball Burnishers' Hahaha. You are such a dentist.