Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last Luau

After our first softball game it was determined that we wanted to have a luau. On Nick's roof deck. He wasnt there but we were all in agreement that Nick loves parties on his roof deck and would be on board for this. Really it was Sabrina (Aaron's girlfriend) who really spearheaded the effort. Her, Aaron and Nick made it happen. Decorations, burgers, and a sense of wild abandonment. Just kidding. But Nick decided he did want this to be a very inclusive moment in time. So he spread the word and invited people from lots of different dental groups. And I really did have a great time. I discovered that a couple people I've never spent much time with are hilarious. Like laugh till my face starts cramping hilarious. This was really the final event before this next month of hell begins. Thirty days, thirteen exams, and one pain control day where we learn to inject anesthetic on each other I think is the grand total. I'm trying to keep my panic attacks on a minimum. At least until the week with six exams is over. But Friday. Good times there.

Please adore this couple with me.
How hilarious is Derrick's stache? Why yes it does curl up at the ends.
He's been growing a beard for quite some time and he shows up to the party with this moustache and that shirt. It was such a typical Derrick thing to do and so completely awesome. Apparently tho on the street he was no match for how pregnant Mel is. Instead of staring at him people couldnt stop looking at Mel's belly.
(Amit, Aaron, Mike)

(Tom)                                                          (Mark, Alisun, Alana)
And the wonderful host of this awesome shin dig?
Nick Bacos.
Knows his way around a roof deck.

(Me, Aaron, Derrick)
(Haley, Alisun, girl whose name has slipped my mind at the moment)

(Megan and Dee)
(Kevin, Nick, Mike)
This diplomatic moment was brought to you by Kevin Ryan.

This is Derrick with Sabrina.
Seriously she was so clutch in this party. Organized the entire thing. Got the decorations. Made the most amazing shrimp-ka-bobs. She's the best!

(Heather, Amit, Melinda)

Alisun here is a freaking riot. Seriously she had me busting a gut the entire time I was sitting in this corner. It was pretty awesome. Plus she's a get things done kinda class president. 

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