Friday, June 18, 2010

I dont keep friends I keep acquaintances

Its still early for me. But I have been awake for quite some time already. Some unknown woke me up. At 6am. That is completely unheard of for me. And instead of going back to sleep like I usually would of done I started playing a computer game. ... ... ... Its ok I already know that is super nerdy. But I got introduced to two games on addicting games and they are as advertised. Want to check out what had me entertained for almost two hours before 8am? Click here and here. Just so you know I'm one level away from beating Red Remover. 

But I've been trying to pick up the running lately. Which generally has been going pretty good (except getting lost for a moment on one of my runs - obviously it worked out). So being awake so early I figured - hey, lets start this day off right and get that pesky exercise out of the way. I forget that there is a reason I like to run after 9 pm. Besides the fact that running in the dark is amazing. Whats that reason you ask? Oh just a little thing called my muscles dont work in the am. It was totally a running fail - almost like I havent run ever. 

Dear Body
Running in the am is the same as running in the pm. 
Just earlier. Figure it out. 
Sincerely Me.

But today I'm wearing the greatest shirt. 
Whats this? Just a little women in science shirt I picked up.
I've been excited all week to wear it again.
Tho I only recognize one person on it. Turns out women in science arent all that popular.
Though to be fair, I doubt I know that many men in science either. 
Hopefully while I study today I can channel their combined brain power.

Speaking of which. Six exams next week. 
So glad I'm all over the group study.
Makes the necessary amount of studying possible.


Royall said...

That's Marie Curie with the quizzical brow right? That's only the one I recognize.. for shame.

Royall said...

PS I think it is awesome you only wear one earring.

Alaya said...

I have only one thing to say- Curse you. Curse you for your mention of addicting games!! Why must you do this to me?!? What have I done instead of preparing my sunday school lesson? Thats right, I've spent a hefty amount of time playing red remover. And now, I am only one level away from getting the bonus levels... you are stuck on 29 aren't you?! I passed it, but I cannot for the life of me get it on par.... so Curse You!