Saturday, June 12, 2010


This is why I'm here.
How did I get to this point?
Sheila Kelly.
Girl has the hook ups.
And is all about sharing said hook ups.
Great friend that Sheila.
Even on a crappy day - there are throngs of people heading to the game.

Walking against the masses is just something you dont even bother trying to do.
There is only one direction of this side of the street. The Fenway direction.
 Its funny cause I dont really even follow baseball, let alone the Red Sox.
But being in fenway. Staring out at the game. Hearing the roar of the crowd.
It was infectious. I couldnt help but be really excited. 
And it was my first ever MLB game.
Sure it started really raining after the third inning so we went and hide in the club house... but it was still a great time. And my seat? Ya - for my first game it was pretty much amazing. We were right by third base and had a perfect view of the entire field. Amazing seats. Sheila has the hook ups!

And no game would be complete without a little sustenance.
I love Fenway Franks. 

Thank you so much for inviting me Sheila!
I had a brilliant time.

And in case you are wondering - why yes I did buy a Boston Red Sox shirt just for the game today.
I thought it was necessary. I know how hardcore Sheila is.

Also - Red mango frozen yogurt wins at life.


Amit and Heather said...

Just had to tell you that you were not eating a real hot dog. Come watch an MLB game in Chicago and we'll hook you up. ;-)

Lana Dawn said...

red mango is my favorite.

you should try it with a fruit of your choice on it and then the mochi. mmm delish!