Thursday, May 27, 2010

Inflight Musings

Things I’ve learned while flying:
1.  A slow walker in normal life  
airport me has only 
one pace (thanks to the express 
walkways)  the “I’m passing you
 on the left” pace.
2.       Bringing a blanket on the plane is the BEST idea Ever.
3.       Mid-flight napping takes the 
melodrama edge off and passes time. Double win.
4.       I loves me some salty peanuts.
5.       Getting your perio knowledge on 
is easier since there’s not a 
lot else you can do on a plane.
6.       I love airport bookstores
would contemplate missing my 
flight just so I could peruse its 
shelves (ok, not really but I 
love finding new books).
7.       Cranberry juice is the bombdotcom.
8.       Airports/planes are out 
of control with their cranked AC

1 comment:

Amit and Heather said...

Ha, you know what I learned? You better pray there's not a storm where you want to go, or a 2 hour trip turns into a 5 hour ordeal! I hope your flight arrived safely and uneventfully. Have fun!