Thursday, May 20, 2010

Enter vlog.

Video blogging friends.
I am a sheep.
And have zero video editing skills.
But I still think vlogs are amazing.
Wanna hear me ramble not just in print form?
Here it is.

And yes... this may happen again.


Bi-Ped said...

It was like a Skype date... :-)

julied said...

hhaah wow. #1, i would much rather watch/listen than read, so I thoroughly enjoyed this. #2, i can get can the true emotion of your post much more than reading it. #3, guess your grade grubbing paid off! good work.

Erika said...

I am a supporter of Vloggin... very much so.

Second off, I ususally dislike grade grumblers too but I got a C on this project that was worth about a third of my grade in a history class and because of that I got a B in the class. WHY did I get a c? Because it was a GROUP project teaching the elementary school kids (what does teaching kids have to do with this history class??? nothing) and ONly me and this one other kid (who talked about video games the whole time) showed up. The teacher at the elementary school gave us the grade (she wasnt even in the room- she said we didn't have enough to talk about... YEAH BECAUSE HALF OUR GROUP WASNT THERE) and my Teacher would not budge when I brought up the fact that the other kids in my group got a C for not even coming, and I also got a C too....SORRY I JUST HAD TO VENT, it's still a sensitive subject for me.

ANyways... GOOD JOB.

Royall said...

I vote yes for vlogging.

Alaya said...

This was awesome! I cannot describe to you how awesome this is. The facial expressions, the hand motions. Loved it.

"Im sorry Robot Lady....Dirts and worms"

"All old people should be shot"

Ah, so refreshing. Also, totally good to hear your voice actually saying your words, instead of my own version of your voice, saying words in my head. Excellent.

Deidre said...

Oh my. Ask Brad about his assignments that he had to resubmit. Like yesterday. Not kidding. Weren't they due in like January?

Really inefficient and dumb. I can't believe these people make salary plus benefits.

Dani said...

Wow... my first experience with vloging. Words make so much more sense when there are hand gestures to re-emphasize. Loved it. Definitely vote yes to Vloging.

K's said...

A very enlightening vlog! Jeff and I appreciated the fine facial expressions and gestures... You have proven once again you are a fine example of courage and knowing when to take action in an unjust situation.