Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Me - Alberta - May 26
Its official.


Royall said...

This picture looks like it was taken from my Grandpa Harland's farm. Southern Alberta is so beautiful- and now that I know when you are coming back to Alberta maybe I can persuade you to do the Magrath Tri with me?

Melissa said...

When is the Magrath tri?

Royall said...

July 17. I'm doing the sprint tri- here's the link to the info http://www.trimagrath.com/. You should do it- I only started training a week ago and my runs are totally brutal so I'm only doing it for fun. If you want the 12 week training program I'm using you just have to type in "runners world triathlon" to find it.

.Ang. said...


And that picture is so beautiful!

home sweet home!

Linz said...

say what?!?! your coming home before July?!?! way didn't I know this????