Sunday, April 25, 2010

Relay For Life Baby

First things first.
I wanna thank all my friends who donated.
I really really appreciate it. 
But relay for life.
There was alot of people. ALOT.
I had my doubts about whether it would be fun.
Mostly cause I'm such an awkward body and while I know my small group of friends, 
my ability for small talk outside of my friends is pretty much non-existent. 
Somewhere along the lines I've lost a few important social skills.
Besides the point. I kinda doubted it would be fun.
But we got our "Team" t-shirts and walked and hung out.
And by the end, I realized why people like getting involved with things of this nature.
You interact with people you might not on a regular basis. And are less of a ghost.
And there's something nice about supporting something.
Derrick, Lucinda, Amit

So I totally thought I was taking a nice awkward 
picture in front of Derrick and Lucinda without them 
knowing it. Hence my super awkward face. 

Much better right?

Smiles For Miles Baby.

I love our relay for life t-shirts. 

And this is a bunch of us 2nd years with Dean Hutter.
How adorable is Dean Hutter? Him and his wife are just mini people.
And seriously so nice.
(Sarah Courtney, Tim Smith, Arnold Nguyen, Me, Dean Hutter, Lucinda, Derrick, Amit)

We played with a volleyball (with Dr. Calabrese's twin sons who are hilarious) 
and watched people bean bag toss and convinced people to do some fencing.

Neal Bajawa vs. Matt Kramer

Neal vs. Tim Smith

Derrick vs. Amit

There was the silence lap where everyone had glow sticks. Which was pretty cool.
Also I learned that not only am I a little clumsy, but I also suck at following directions.
We werent supposed to crack our glow sticks till they told us... Ya... I dropped my first glow stick the second they handed it to us, which set it off. Then I wasnt listening closely and accidently cracked my second one when I wasnt supposed to. Whoops. My bad. 
Relay For Life - Official Sponsor of Birthdays

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