Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Dear Mosquito thats stalking me,
Thanks so much for sneaking into my bedroom
and stalking me. You are very quick and very 
affectionate. Thanks so much for landing on me
just when I forget about you and slowly driving
me insane. Super kind. Thats what I like about
you. That and the huge welts on my arms and 
neck. Awesome. Really.

Dear Running -
Someday I'll get over my mental block
against you and take you up again....
Obviously not tonight tho.
And tomorrow's not looking so hot either.

Dear Grumpy Pants
You're a bit much.
Everyone says so.

Dear Self -
Here is a list of some of the half thoughts you have floating around:
                    - decent looking people are probably not psycho
                    - marrieds vs. singles 
                    - balance - sleep, school, study, exercise, eating
                    - due diligence
                    - book list
                    - crown down - dos and donts and why
                    - vibes of annoyance
                    - no words to explain
Your jumble of incoherent half thoughts are annoying. For heaven's sake, form a whole thought already. Or quit trying. 
You need to listen here. You've been staying up too late. Eating too much candy. And being a bit of a slacker all around. Surviving isnt enough dear. And you know it. So straighten up. Go to class, go to sleep and start really learning and trying. Remember the goal to be more balanced? Well, thats still the goal. And you've been plateauing in that regard lately. And by plateauing I clearly mean falling into previous bad habits. You need to be strong and more disciplined. Self-control is where its at. But dont think its all bad. You do alright kid. Just know you could do better. Try for patience and diligence. Patience is a virtue... one that you suck at. 


Errant said...

oh .. i wanna send that exact letter to that stupid mosquito who slept with me last night !

Bonnie said...

this looks scary like my life....

Ash Att said...

haha I love all the letters you wrote. Seriously. You are legit

Amit and Heather said...

I have an idea to keep your more balanced... Come to the beach with us sometime!

Alaya said...

You are alomst pretty much like the greatest human being ever. I enjoyed this. And I agree with it. Clearly.

~Ivy~ said...

- decent looking people are probably not psycho



Cathy said...

I should make a list of my half thoughts... it might be comparable...

One thought I have been able to form: GLEE GLEE GLEE TONIGHT!!!! WAHOOO