Monday, April 20, 2009

You do I do.

I remember a moment from my childhood.  I cant say for sure whether it is a real memory or one that became one, as my mother told me the story.  But as a little child I used to try to do everything my dad would do.  I'd sit next to him while watching tv and he'd have his big mug to drink from.  I'd get my little cup and hold it just like he held his.  He'd take a big gulp from his cup and give a hearty ah (the ah of complete refreshment) as he set his cup down on the table. Seeing this, I'd take my version of a big gulp and as I set my little cup on the table, I'd also give a hearty ah.  

I'm not sure I ever really grew out of emulating my dad.  I wanted to like all the things he liked, do all the things he did... and I think because of my blatant hero worship (and ok, the spunk I've got) I learned to really love my dad.  

He's always there to help me solve any problem.  He's super funny. And doesnt mind if I call him in the middle of a busy day to tell him I did well on a test.  He loves me for exactly who I am.  And he's one of my favorite people to be around.  

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julied said...

aw liss. that's adorable. love it