Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Date with the Easter Bunny

So on Friday, I had plans to hang out with Portia.  So when school was finished in the afternoon I headed over to her house.  To get to her house I have to take a bus to Harvard Square and then transfer to another bus.  Well, the second bus is the one I was a tidge sketchy on.  In fact it was more than a tidge.  I didnt even know the bus number or the stop I should get off at.  But I felt like the bus number was 76.  And i looked at the different schedules.  Well 76 wasnt one of the options.  I didnt wanna hassle Portia with having to come get me, so I just kinda made an educated guess that the bus I wanted to 78.  

I couldnt get a hold of Portia on the phone, so I was hoping that she still knew our plans to hang out were on.  So I wait for the 78.  I feel like it is the most unreliable, randomly scheduled bus.  Coming at odd intervals.  The last time I had tried to take the bus to Portia's it never showed up and I ended up cabbing it.  So I was a little worried that the 78 wouldnt show up at all.  But it did.  I got on and thought about asking the bus driver what stop I should get off of.  But I didnt know if the landmark of the temple would mean anything to him or help me in my quest to find Portia's house.  So instead I sat back and just hoped I was on the right bus and would be able to see the Temple so I knew where to get off (cause Portia lives like a block from the Temple).  But as i was people watching on the bus (a favorite past time of mine) - I noticed to young gentlemen in suits.  With name tags.  The missionaries!  At that point I was positive I had the right bus.  And I could double check I was getting off at the right stop if they got off too.  It was a fool proof plan!

So I got off the bus and walked the block to Portia's.  I got to her house to find it very dark inside.  I knocked on the door.  No answer.  I looked in a circle wondering what to do now.  I had brought a little bit of homework and thought about sitting on her door step and waiting.  But before I busted out Anatomy I wanted to make absolutely sure no one was home and it was my last option.  So I knocked again.  No answer.  I took out my phone and called.  No answer.  In my head I'm going "Crap.  This is why I dont do the whole just show up at someone's house.  I always call and check that its ok before I leave."  So I kinda turned in another circle.  Then I meandered towards the van in her driveway.  Then I started to kinda walk in circles as I head back towards the door.  Then the door opened and there was Portia!  I was more than relieved to see her.  She was just putting her kids to bed - at like 6pm!  Apparently the excitement of Easter + a few late nights that week had them completely ready to turn in for the night.  

Portia is an angel.  She just makes me feel so happy.  She pulled together some food for me.  She had this butternut squash pear soup.  It was totally delish.  And we chatted for a bit.  I just love spending time with Portia.  Bro. Thompson came home from work and we also got a visit from some UW ward members coming back from the Temple.  We had floats and talked some more.  Bro. Thompson drove Stephanie Brinton and her fiance Lindsay back to Harvard.  Portia invited me to sleep over and get to be part of their Easter celebration tomorrow so I stayed.  We watched a bit of a movie and Portia put together her kids Easter baskets.  I was super tired and fell asleep right after midnight.  

The kids were awake bright and early.  Its not often that I'm awake before 8am.  I just am not much of a morning person.  So it was crazy for me to not only be awake so early, but we also had chocolate chip pancakes and were more than done before 8:30 in the morning.  Oh and they had the most AMAZING syrup for their pancakes.  Apparently its a german version of syrup.  I need to get the recipe and share it because it was super super good.  Mary, Wesley and Henry found little Easter surprises around the house.  It was adorable to watch how excited they were.  The kids got dressed and when Bro. Thompson got home from the dentist, we all went to a Easter egg hunt the community was putting on.  We were late so we missed the hunt but they had little donut holes.  It was freezing out so we didnt stay long.  Wes was hilarious.  He had Easter treats in both hands plus a couple toys plus a donut holes, as we went to get him a balloon.  The lady took one look at him and burst off laughing telling me I needed to take a picture of how cute he was.  He was very cute.  

After that we went to Costco.  The Bishopric is putting on the dinner tomorrow so I helped them shop for that.  I still was super tired by the time we got back.  We had lunch and another visitor from a UW ward member who was coming home from the temple.  Portia and Mary drove me and Jonathan Suho home.  I got home and just fell right asleep.  It was a busy couple of days I've had.

Tomorrow, Derrick Call and Amit are putting on an Easter brunch.  With waffles.  I'm very excited.  Tomorrow should be a good day.  Oh and last time I was at church, I was trying to visit teach, but my girl went into the choir.  So I went to choir so I could visit teach her.  Long story short, I somehow got volunteered to sing in a quartet.  Yah... I was just there for the visiting teaching.  So I'm doing that tomorrow.  We'll see how that turns out.  Tomorrow should be fun though.     


Bonnie said...

sounds like you had a good weekend. i'm a little jealous of that syrup and your breakfast. we'll have to make it when you come to edmonton. did i ever tell you that i was excited for you to come?...cuz i am! can't wait.

*shades of bridget* said...

awww this makes me miss them so much!!! yes when you sleep at the thompsons ur lucky if u sleep till 8am ha ha ha. im glad you had an amazing time, she's a wonderful woman!