Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The World Is Not Showing Me Much Love

So the last few days have been a little rough.  Tonite I decided that I couldnt go another day with no food in my house.  I've been living off of Easter Candy I bought on Friday.  It ran out Monday morning.  So after a pretty thorough search of every jacket, drawer and purse in my room, I found my bus pass.  So I pulled myself together and wanted to get it over with quickly.  But just as I was coming to the corner of my street, I saw my bus start to turn to go to the stop.  And not wanting to miss it I took off running.  So I'm running, chasing after the bus, just hoping that there are people at the stop so the bus has to pause.  But thankfully there are people and I make the bus.  I get on the bus and sit down.  As I'm sitting there, and I think "I should move my keys from my hoodie pocket to my purse."  And I reach down to move my keys, they're not there.  So I check the pockets of my purse, thinking I had already moved my keys.  But they're not there.  And slowly it dawns on me that while I was running to catch the bus my keys must of fell out of my pocket.  So I do the quickest grocery shop of my life... getting cereal and milk.  And half a pumpkin pie.  Just in case I dont find my keys.  So I wait for the bus to come.  And I swear it takes longer than usually.  I saw three buses in a row that were heading in the opposite direction.  What the heck?  But I re-track my steps.  Keys no where in sight.  I hate losing things.  Especially keys.  

But there is a bright spot in my night.  I call my parents to tell them, like I do.  And my dad tells me that he didnt get voted back into the Jedi counsel.  But this sad news means that he has a bit of time freed up.  So he booked a flight to come see me.  He said he is coming to give me a little extra boost of support to get me through the last bit of school.  He says he's not there to distract.  Just to take me out on the town a bit, and spend time with me while I study and go to school.  Anyways.  I'm happy about that.  Good thing I dont need the world.


Linz said...

that's awesome ... I wish he'd come visit me! and I wish I could come visit you!
oh ya ... look into putting a carabener on your key chair then you can just clip it to your pockets so you don't lose your keys ... don't laugh it helps a lot!

julied said...

aw. i am sorry things feel down for you at the moment. but know that even if the world isn't showing you love, others are!! and we love you. hhaha. okay. i won't get TOO mushy.
that is sweet that your dad is coming. remember to have fun too and take those breaks to eat peanute butter, tuna, and what are you into now? oh ya, jello.

Lana Dawn said...

i know your story was about the world not loving you. because it made me so happy because your dad is coming. and i know how that feels.