Monday, April 20, 2009

Relay for Life

After our burger extravaganza we stopped in at the Relay For Life - cancer walk I signed up for before I knew my dad was coming.  After stopping in at the wrong building we got there just in time for the Survivor lap. 
A bunch of people - including Dean Hutter (Dean of my school) were there. In this pic you can see Dean Hutter and his wife leading our school in a walk.
Dad was a good sport about relaying it with me... and here's an action shot of that. 
He told me he now understands what 
Matt says about me being camera happy.  
I maintain that Matt loves pictures... so thats a compliment.

This is Lindsey Jackson and me... she wasnt part of our BU team despite being in my class... But I did tell her to get a BU t-shirt... I mean come on... free t-shirt?... who wouldnt want that... two free shirts? thats impossible to pass up.
This is Lauren Greco, Amit Patel, Dee and me (all DMD 2012) walking.
Yay Dentists against Cancer!
I played a little frisbee and realised how long its been since I've been athletic and had to catch anything.  I really should work on that. The event was going on all night but we just stopped in for a couple of hours. 

Nuff Said.

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