Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm way more fun than media training...

Mr. Bartley's Gourmet Burgers - Best in Boston
Per David Alan's request we went and took pictures so he could see just how good it really is... and Dave... its really good.
We got there and it was a crazy long line.  The real Mr. and Mrs. Bartley were working and they handed out menus outside and took your order while you waited.

They had lots of different burgers to choose from.

The wait provided a nice opportunity for some daddy-daughter photos

Dad kept himself entertained by entering the location into his GPS... so he can find it again should he need to. 

The milkshakes are said to be the best in Boston... so of course we tried them... mmm... Milkshakes

The place was crazy packed.  As soon as a table opened up, people were in it... and they fit in as many people as the space would allow.  We even shared our table with some strangers.  

Its a really cool place.  With lots of random stuff on the walls.  

This is the burger I got... The "Tom Brady"

This is the "American Idol"

This pic is a little fuzzy but I like it.

Mmm... burger heaven.

It was a tight squeeze to get my mouth around this burger.. but well worth the effort.

Mr. Bartley's... definitely on the high five list.


Bonnie said...

when i come to boston to visit we're going there. maybe it's just because it's exam time and now i'm always hungry, but that looks really really good.
can't wait to see you. less than a month now.

Melissa said...

Deal. And believe me... it tastes as good as it looks.