Sunday, April 19, 2009

No Name... Where you get the real deal.

Its Saturday night.  We've just Relayed for Life.  We're hungry.  And our feetsies are a tidge bit tired.  We know we want seafood.  Cause heck... I live next to an ocean.  But we have NO CLUE where to go.  So we turn to our dear friend Betty.  My Dad's GPS.  But while Betty is quite handy... sometimes her directions just plain ol' suck.  So while we were trying to figure out the cryptic clues Betty sometimes gives, we stumble across a little gem.  Called No Name Restaurant.  Seriously.  Its on the fish pier... so we decide to give it a try.

Can anyone say LOBSTER?

And how darling are those bibs?
For real tho... they came quite in handy.  My Dad totally had a piece fly at him, hit the chest... we thought it had gone to the floor for sure, but these bibs came with a little bottom catcher.  That P.S. works  

My dad told me about when he graduated from Dental school and his mom made tons of seafood dishes for him and his dental school friends... which included lobster.  I think the having eaten it before gave him the upper hand in being able to get to the meat. 

I managed to get a little out.

Every now and then though I'd take a look at what I was eating and I'd get grossed out a little.
I mean it is kinda like if you were eating some steak with the cow head staring up at you... Except it has super creepy legs.

Dont worry... I pulled through.  And this is what was left of our lobsters.

My dad really cleaned his plate.  I love this guy!

But no dinner is really complete without dessert... so after we went and found an ice cream shop (cause all weekend everytime we'd walk by one my dad would oo and aww.. ok I was too).

It was a great end to a good daddy-daughter day.

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