Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Thursday started out like any other day.
But as the day evolved, I just felt joy.
It was kinda surreal.
I've had those days where nothing is wrong and you just feel sad.
But a day where nothing is really amazing and you just feel great?

I had classes in the morning.  And it was just funny.  I've kinda been developing a good group of friends at school.  They are great.  And we were talking about Diabetes again and I kinda was zoning out... so me, Derrick and Lindsay did a bunch of facebook quizzes.  It was the most random thing but we were giggling like little school children... It was fun to just sit in class and goof off.  
Hilarious in fact.

And then in the afternoon I got to spend some "quality time" with my Boyfriend.
He's really great.  He never complains.  And he looks great in red.
Actually a funny story revolving around him.
So one day I was skyping with one of my Besties Ben.  And as we were talking I was like "Hey, do you wanna meet my boyfriend?"  And he got this really shocked look on his face (his expression being one of - what? I havent heard you were dating anyone) and he goes "He's there right now?  Uh I guess."  And so I'm like... just one sec and I go to my backpack and pull my boyfriend out and bring him to the computer.  When I showed Ben him he just laughed and then continued to proclaim what a cute couple we are. 
I do have to admit.  We are dang cute.

I did my first anterior composite filling.  It was weird.  But I just felt cheery as I left the lab.

As I was walking home I ran into Dee and Amit from my class.  Dee said she was having a post-SLC BBQ and invited me.  So I dropped my stuff off and walked with them to her house.

There was quite the turn out of people.  Above is Derrick Call, me and Nick Bacos. 

And this is Lucinda Barry and me.
I feel like I'm starting to really develop a little crew of friends.  And I like that alot.  Lucinda and I may even start a little running club.  I have no doubts that she'll kick my trash at running (especially since I've been a super slacker lately), but it makes me excited to feel like I'm making good friends at school.
This is Dee, Lindsay and Amit.
When we walked over to Dee's house it was beautiful outside.  Just a nice, warm sunny day.
We had burgers and this AMAZING chip dip thats made outta beans, peppers and like seasoning salt.  You'd be amazed at how good it tasted.
And the burgers... YUM!  I'm not usually a huge burger fan but these ones were great!
It was just so fun to hang out with people.  We laughed and told stories and ate.
And even checked our APEX placements.  Which are up.  Woot!
Robert and Amit were in charge of the burgers and they really did a stand out job of it.  I'm a terrible griller so anyone who manages to not have little charcoal burgers is pretty impressive to me. 
The deck did get a little nippy.
But it really was just a great time.
Above is me, Lucinda, Amit, Robert and Chris Baker.
I just really like my classmates.  They're hilarious and really great people.
I left the BBQ just feeling really great and pleased with the world.

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