Friday, August 7, 2009

TGL FAM (Aug 1-2)

My Utah aunts and their families make the pilgrimage back to Canada usually once a year. And since my dad actually had time off we've been able to go boating. We invited the Bowie family to come boat again. And then Josh brought a full Lowry crew. It was kinda intense. And at first glance I had no clue how we were gonna get everyone on the boat. Cause there were alot of people! But it worked well actually. We went in little boating crews. Everyone got a chance to be on the boat.

And the rest of us sat in chairs near the dock (cause the brutal part about St. Mary's reservoir is that they have ZERO beach - super gay).

Uncle Will, Shenoa, Marshall and Maikal.

Seriously the little kids were crazy. Jumping off the dock, running around crazy.

It was pretty intense.

And we even convinced Ali to go on the tube once. We went slow... and she was gripping on like she might die... but it was pretty fun.

And then there was the tube wars.

Lindsay and Aunt Tia
I have a feeling theirs was more a war against the tube than each other.

Marshall got his trash kicked by Kimball. Pictures dont lie.
And Ben and Maikal wanted to do an ultimate tube war against Marshall and Josh... but they were definitely a little on the heavy side for the boat. They're growing boys? Maybe not.

Lowry Family gatherings are filled with lawn chairs on Grandpa's lawn, a potluck dinner (which is insanity trying to get food), a little chatting... but mostly some loud arguing (all in good fun I swear!).

This picture is the epitomy of these boys. Ben. Wow. Anthony. Seriously. Jesse. Hilarious. Marshall. Classic.
I'm saying it here and now. That picture should be framed for posterity. Tho I guess these boys will always be little spit fires. I just can't believe we captured this moment on film (they usually reject the idea of a camera).

So this is the original kids and spouses. Minus a couple couples.
Uncle Matt, Will, Rod, Grandpa, Aunt Moana, Tia, Paula and of course my Dad.
I dont think it quite compares to the classic Lowry family picture thats hanging in my house on the wall. But I like it all the same. Its kinda weird how much the family has changed and yet is still the same.

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