Thursday, August 6, 2009

Montana-Rama (July 24-28)

During my two week vacation the family planned a trip to Montana. And I use the word plan very loosely. More like we went without knowing exactly what we were gonna do and just kinda made it work. Also by family I mean more Josh, Corey and I and the parents.

The weekend started out with a bang. Corey and I were supposed to be driving out separately with my mom (while Josh and my dad went out earlier). But when we went to leave on Friday morning Corey discovered he didnt bring his passport. So we drove to Calgary (where he'd left it) and then headed to meet up with my mom, dad and Josh (who were doing a little LCI football).

It kinda ended up ridiculous. Because there was five of us and we had three cars between us. And my mom drove back to Alberta Friday night and came back Saturday. I tell you ridiculous.

So the Friday night without my mom we went to the Montana State Fair. We mostly just walked around. The best part by far were the caramel apple (seriously they were amazing) and the elvis impersonator. This guy... wow. Seriously he was something. One of those special individuals who you have no idea who told him he was amazing. Cause we thought it was karaoke at first... until we realized that nope... this dude was serious. And loving the crowd of five out there with every shaky note.

After we went and did the Sonic Drive Thru.
And by drive thru I mean more like drive in? It was complete with delish food, delivered to our window by a girl on roller skates.

We went to the Great Falls water park. It was fun. They had this super cool wave rider thing (like they have on Cruise ships). And it was a day complete with a little drama. Dad lost the truck key in the lazy river... we found it eventually, after floating around a few times. A girl flashed us (on accident) on the wave rider. She didnt come back for round two after that. And someone stole my sandals. My crappy, already used and worn, cheapy Old Navy sandals. It was crazy.

But we reunited with my mom for dinner - and the boys and I dressed to match. Cause P.S. I love matching!
Yup matching baseball T's in different colors.


Sunday was spent driving to Kalispell. Cause the point of the Montana trip was to go White Water Rafting. After my dad heard how much fun I had when I went with my Dental Friends, he decided that was something he wanted to do. So without having previously planned we drove to West Glacier to find a rafting company. We found one and signed up.

We did a little saftey first reading on our way to the launch site.

Mom was her classic vision of readiness.
Complete with Hat, 50 Spf Sunscreen and water.
Oh to be a red head.

The boys were rip roaring to go too.

Now some of you may recall the movie "The River Wild" with Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon.

Well it just happened to be filmed on the Middle Flathead River. On which we were white water rafting. Yup, the opening scene involves a set of rapids that we totally went on. And when we got done White Water Rafting, we went home and it just happened to be on TV. It was awesome.

It was a completely gorgeous day. This is face mountain. My guide told me so.

Us three were loving this.

Dad and Josh did a little jumping off the raft to swim. We also played the wheel of fortune. Which is where two people compete to stay on the end of the raft while everyone spins the raft in a circle. Josh told Corey that I never say no to a challenge (which is true), so he challenged me to it. I just want you all to know I owned him.

It was a super fun day. White water rafting. Always a good time.

We also visited the Hungry Horse Dam. It was kinda cool to see. For real how to they build dams? Cause I have no idea. From the outside in?

Our last activity was to go to a Water Slide Park near Kalispell on Tuesday. We didnt stay long but it was pretty fun. Complete with my mom and I each taking a turn tipping the tube we were on and face planting into the slide. Good times.

Corey and I separated from my fam after that to take a little trip to see his Cabin and his second family.

And by Cabin, I mean humungous house. Cause it sure was no cabin. Corey wakeboarded a little bit (which is always impressive) - especially since he landed another back flip!

It was a pretty fun vacation. The only thing that was a shame was that it didnt include the whole fam. It woulda been nice to have the rest of the fam. Just had to take what we could get though.

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amy said...

alright Melissa, first things first...why do you look so gorgeous ALL THE TIME? I mean really. Second of all, thank you for the recipe. I think we made that the first night we officially met, did we not? and third, when are you coming to play next, or when is your apartment in Boston open to visitors?