Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Remodel This.

Today we had our very first Remo lab. For those of you not acquainted with dental short form that means Removable Prosthodontics - aka learning how to make dentures. Thrilling right?

Really it was two labs in one:
1. Create the Primary Impression using Compound (shown below).

2. Bead and Box the impression using wax... which basically just means putting wax rope and strips around the edge of the impression so that when we make a model it had nice edges and what not.

The fun thing about lab:
We get to use these.
Hanau Torch
Bunsen Burner

You melt, you create, you heat.

The bad thing about lab:
We have to use the hanau torch and bunsen burner.
Yup... while trying to take my impression out of my boyfriend's mouth (who sometimes has no teeth P.S.) I lit my hair on fire. Literal flames. In my HAIR. And it happened twice.

Needless to say. I need a haircut.

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.Ang. said...

You dentists are DANGEROUS!!
and that makes you dangerous.