Sunday, August 23, 2009


Today I got out of church and it started to lightly rain. So I continued walking. But then it began to pour. I pulled off the sidewalk to underneath a tree and was debating my options. I could either...
1. Brave the rainstorm and have a nice and soppy bus ride home (not ideal)
2. Stay hidden beneath the tree limbs and hope that eventually the rain would stop (also not ideal)

I had NO umbrella (who knew that it would rain when it was so bloody hot), and still had like three blocks to walk to get to the bus. Not the ideal situation to say the least.

All the sudden a guy walks past me with an umbrella. He sees me standing hiding from the rain and goes "Hey wanna share my umbrella?" Seeing as I hate waiting and being wet for the bus sucks, I accepted his invitation.

Turns out, Leo (my new umbrella friend) worked around Harvard as a maintenance worker of some sort. He asked me where I was walking to and I said the bus stop and then I was like "Well seeing as its your umbrella where are you walking to?" He said he was going in a slightly different direction so I began thanking him for letting me share his umbrella (because we were reaching the point where our paths would diverge) and telling him I would just run into one of the stores to wait out the rain. To this he began offering to go grab his car and give me a ride home. I declined and said that wouldnt be necessary. But he continued to insist and said for me to just wait under the awning of a store and he'd be right back. And then he took off running back where we had just run.

As soon as he left, I was kicking myself for not being more firm about saying no. Especially as the rain began to stop. But he had very nicely let me share his umbrella and I didnt want to be rude, so I waited for him to come back so I could tell him that since it had stopped raining I would be plenty fine taking the bus. I mean I learned as a child that when offered candy never get into a strangers car. That should correlate, right?

So Leo returns in his car. But it has started to pour rain again and well... sometimes I don't know how to say no when they have solutions to all my problems (like the stranger who took a picture of my heel last year... he said it was for a paper? I know... super sketch). So I got in the car.

Many of you are probably screaming out right this second. I mean taking a ride... from a stranger... something is not adding up, I'm supposed to be smart. But Leo really was just super nice. The other strangers I've encountered have tended to be rather forceful. But Leo was just pleasant. He chatted about where he was from (Brazil) and how great it is to own his own business (which apparently he gets lots of referrals for from people he's friends with) and when I mentioned I was from Canada (cause apparently I dont sound like someone from Boston), he told me that he's heard Canada is great. Dang rights it is!

So Leo dropped me off and as I'm thanking him for the ride and for sharing his umbrella, he tells me I can email him. In my head I'm going... I dont have your email. And then he goes... Let me just get a pen so I can give it to you. I mean classy move on his part. Its not like he tried to get my information. He gave me his, in the hopes that I'll get in touch.

I dont think I'm gonna email him - I feel like thats just inviting attention I'm not interested in - but I will tip my hat to Leo. He didnt give off the "I'm a creep" vibe, nor did he seem like everything out of his mouth was a lie. He definitely played the stranger game the best of all the strangers I've met.

Stranger Danger. I apparently did not learn this sufficiently as a child. And my MANY stranger stories prove that. And dont worry. My dad told me I was not allowed to get into any more strangers cars. Doing that twice is enough apparently.


.Ang. said...

You really do attract a lot of attention from strangers, don't you? It's nice to see that there really are some kind people left in the world, but sad to think that we still can't trust them fully.

Glad you hear you are still alive and kicking. I'd have to agree with your dad! -Don't get into the car with anymore strangers!

Royall said...

Melissa! I feel scared for you sometimes. I used to hate when you would walk to and from the university alone at night. And I don't like that strangers have this strange attraction to you. You need to hear some the stories my mom tells about creeps and girls who are alone (I think she has every story she has ever heard from other people and the news memorized so she tells some pretty scary ones). That will put a healthy dose of fear into you. At least I still have nightmares from them sometimes. You, my dear are too fearless!

Bonnie said...

ha - i miss you! and stranger stories.

Linz said...

freaking heck! it's a good thing you are hours away b/c I would like nothing more than to smack you! hard!!!! I likle having a little sister but that will only happen if she stays safe... so stay safe will you!!!!

Shel said...

the big guy is really watching over you. I have some interesting and scary stranger stories... but all in all - someone's watching over you. Glad you are safe.