Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Funner? (July 30)

Hello. I'd like to introduce you to my summer skin. I know its unusual to see me with pigment. I know its actually slightly shocking. But when I get to be near the sun... sometimes it happens. I mean sure... I've got some genetics going against me (Red headed mother... need I say more?) but I also have some going for me (1/2 Maori dad... come on). Being in the sun is one of my very favorite things. And the last couple of years I've missed it dearly. This summer was a perfect reminder of why I love it.

So onto the main event.
Family Boating. There is nothing quite like it.

Seriously I love these two kids! And the fact that we got to take them boating... mmm Perfection. They are two of the funniest little people I know. Its weird seeing them grow up and have their own very unique personalities.

We headed out to Stafford on the perfect day. It was sunny. It was hot. And Dave and the kids came.

Ryder was loving the boat. Tho we did discover he can't tell the difference between Mysha and myself. Apparently we have the same hair and noses and eyes. I think he means we have all those. Silly boy.

Katie on the other hand was a little hesitant to come near the boat. So she stayed on the shore with my mom on the first run of the day.

So my Dad did a little bit of bailing - for a massage no less (dont worry he came back eventually) - and David Alan became totally a big nerd. Which left no one to drive the boat. But me that is. I mean really, how hard could it be to drive a boat? Obviously not that hard. Cause I did it.

We took a little bit of a swim break after Nathaniel and Josh tubed for a bit (which I wish we had pictures of cause we turned the tube length ways and it was hilarious). And the entire break was spent trying to convince Ryder to jump in. I mean sure, he was out with us without a parent. Sure, he's only four. But for real... we wanted him to come play in the water. He's gotta grow up sometime.

So after we discovered we werent gonna talk him into the water... I threw him in. He was fine people. I mean once we got him out of the water he stopped crying. And once I told him it was super fun he was nothing but in complete agreeance. Next time I think he'll even jump in on his own.

This here is classic Katie. She is such a funny kid.

We BBQ'd and the burgers were completely delicious (Thanks Josh!)

When the boating was done it was time to get the kids dry and into real clothes. This might just be my favorite picture of Katie of all time. She looks so freaking adorable.
Ryder was pulling a Ben and being a hater on the pictures. Somehow boating did nothing to tire him out. If anything he was wound a little tighter because of a day spent rough housing with Nathaniel in the water.
Arent these two precious?

This kid is CA-RAZY. Super funny. But Ca-RAZy.

There are moments when I'm a little hesitant to go boating. I'm not even really sure why. But on days like this... its just fun. It really is such a fun family activity. Plus who doesnt love boating pictures? I know I do.

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