Sunday, October 2, 2011


Sometimes I love people's reactions.
Especially when they aren't forced but are just the spur of the moment.
They can be awkward. Oh can they be! But still, there's something nice about a genuine reaction.

Friday was my last official day of clinic before externship.
I had gotten all my paperwork finished on Thursday so I was good to go.
But I woke up and felt like I looked terrible.
And sometimes, when I feel like I look really terrible (and I mean Terrrrrrible), I try to compensate by getting extra ready.
Its a silly thing. Like doing my makeup or my hair and wearing clothes will change my appearance so much. But I occasionally I do it all the same.

I went to school. And the number of times that I wear real clothes to school is few and far between.
I ran into Derrick first. And he looks at me and goes "Do you have a date today? You're all dressed up."
And I laughed. No. No date. Just felt like wearing real clothes.
I ran a couple more errands and ran into Dee. She looks at me and goes "You look super great today. Do you have a date later?"
No. No date. Just felt like wearing real clothes.
I had forgotten I needed to get a crown sent out before I leave for externship so I was pouring up some models and one of my faculty wandered into the lab.
"Oh, you're wearing such nice clothes today!"
Yah. I forgot I needed to do some lab work and came to school in real clothes.
"Oh your blouse looks so delicate. Careful. I'd hate for you to wreck it."
And I laughed at how many people noticed what I was wearing and continued pouring up my models.
I ran into Lucinda as I was finishing up my school stuff.
"You look great Melissa! Do you have a date today?"
No. No date. Just felt like wearing real clothes.

It was a funny day at school. I guess wearing scrubs everyday will make any amount of extra effort I put in pretty noticeable. But I love that everyone thought I had a date. Nope. Just wearing regular ol' clothes. Just cause I own them and never get to wear them. I've actually been trying to figure out how to wear this blouse for months now. I impulse bought it for Matt's wedding but hadn't figured out how to wear it yet. 

And apparently it was worn with great success.


Tamsen said...

It is indeed a very cute blouse:)

hailey. said...

Hey you don't have a date do you? Haha just kidding. Real clothes or not... You look great! Work it girl :)

.Ang. said...

You did look really great! Love that outfit!

When we lived in Hawaii I loved that you can get by wearing basketball shorts and t-shirts. Whenever I'd wear jeans or use hairspray my kids would get excited -thinking we were going to town! (Wal-mart and Costco)

Nope.. just felt like wearing real clothes today. :)

Love ya!

Stefanie said...

I covet that blouse. You look gorgeous. You SHOULD have a date after looking that good Sheesh!

Royall said...

You should have been going out on a date! You look great!

Cathy said...

I love your style. And wish I had more opportunities to wear real clothes. And looked like you when I wore them. When we're both dentists, and by both I obviously mean when I'm married to one and you're one, can we go shopping and impulse buy some wonderful wardrobe changes?