Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3 Factoids

1. My bottle of acrylic monomer (liquid) spilt in its box and into the bag carrying my fixed stuff because my cap is semi-broken and wouldnt screw all the way on (oh ok... and I forgot to screw it on all the way on). This has lead to my entire house smelling like monomer. For real, I think I'm getting high. It is INTENSE. And a little suffocating. 

2. Externship sites were announced today.
FYI Externship is when I spend 10 weeks in fourth year
working as a bona-fide dentist.
Its exciting and terrifying at the same time.
I got the group I wanted (Group B).
This allowed me to choose between two time slots
(all other groups were assigned a time slot) July-October or October-December.
I wanted the third rotation which goes October to December because
it allows me to work in the clinic during summer when the old fourth years are gone and the new third years arent in yet.

So where am I going?
Pawtucket, Rhode Island
It was my number two spot (we ranked our top 8 out of like 24 sites that consisted of sites from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Florida). 
And the house I live in is 250 yards from the dental office.
(And the tradition of me living ridiculously close to where
I need to be continues... I freaking love my commutes... 
Mostly cause they're non-existent).
I'm still a little anxiety ridden because I'm with another student
who is currently a mystery (and there are a few of my classmates that would kill my patience if I had to spend everyday with them) and I have to be like a real dentist (for real... what is that?).
But I'm not disappointed.
I just want it to be a good experience.
(Please let it be a good experience)

3. I had the most non-stop day ever.
Fixed Sims to CPR to Derrick's birthday.
But  A. Fixed sims went decently well 
(my instructor came around at one point
to check on our work and he didnt have
anything negative to say)
B. I'm glad I had John in CPR. Plus we got
awesome tacos/burritos after.
C. Best birthday party ever - seriously I 
freaking love my friends.

Oh. And did I mention I'm flying to Utah on Thursday?
Cause I am. That is neat.


John and Tamsen said...

3 factoids of my own, learned from first-hand experience:

1. Chipotle burritos, trampolines and a 30 year old out of shape tummy should NEVER be combined... but it was still one of the best burritos ever consumed by man and I don't regret it!

2. Trampolines and a 30 year old spine should also never meet... it's like pitting Jack Bauer against Justin Beiber. The Beibe's is of course my spine and it did not fare well tonight...

3. If you decide to choke on a trachea-sized piece of food sometime and I happen to be in the vicinity, I CAN save your life because I know precisely where your belly button is:)

Royall said...

Pawtucket is a cute name. Can't wait to see and hear what it's like there and how you like being a "real" dentist.